Al Zarooni inaugurated Wedding Showcase Exhibition

Al Zarooni inaugurated Wedding Showcase Exhibition

His Excellency Suhail Al Zarooni inaugurated Wedding Showcase Exhibition at Hotel Sheraton, Creek Dubai. Suhail Al Zarooni was the Chief Guest at this occasion, welcomed by the organizers with the flowers and was taken to the media wall for the interaction with the press and for the photo session. The event WEDDING SHOWCASE SHOPPING GALLERIA SEASON was in Association with fair and Lovely and MDD presented Wedding showcase shopping Galleria organised by Munazza Ehtisham and Rishie on 14th and 15th October 2016 and the Marketing and PR was done by Ms. Shumaila Parvez.

The people who attended this event said that it is entirely different show room other events and with a theme of different wedding cultures. It’s one of a kind Wedding Showcase where Beauty and efforts be done to make each Arabic/Pakistani/Indian stages with mandaps to take ones to the dream world of magic and marriage. There was arrangement made for the Live Wedding Showcase at the event.

Al Zarooni inaugurated Wedding Showcase Exhibition at Hotel Sheraton, Dubai.
Al Zarooni inaugurated Wedding Showcase Exhibition at Hotel Sheraton, Dubai.

The organizers invited Suhail Al Zarooni to every stalls at the exhibition, where Al Zarooni personally interacted with the exhibitors and encouraged them for their efforts. At one stall, Ms.Dia Khan Cake Artist of The Bake Gallery presented a special cake made by her especially for Suhail Al Zarooni. AL Zarooni gracefully accepted the gift with humbleness and thanked her for courtesy & respect shown by her.

Further Suhail Al Zarooni was invited on the stage where organizers presented Him a memento as a token of love and respect from them. Suhail Al Zarooni also presented an award to the anchor who was hosting the show. Few performances were performed in front of Him in His honor. Mudassar artist from Pakistan performed as Michael Jackson (MJ) on a song from Michael Jackson famous songs.

Suhail Mohd Al Zarooni enjoyed the luxurious ceremonies of Arabic and Pakistani culture and also get introduced with Indian wedding rituals. It was an evening full of fantastic entertainment and a brilliant keynote decor ideas with romance in air with the beauty of Arabic, Indian & Pakistani stages set designed by Genie Events.

As the wedding season is ON and so the exhibitors displayed their products & services based on the best Bridal Dress Collection, Makeup Products, Photographers, Photo Studios, Jewelry, Latest variety of Clothes, Clutches and much more at this Wedding Showcase. Indeed it was a glamorous and wonderful Event.

During the media interactions, Al Zarooni was asked for His views on such shows and His presence. Suhail Al Zarooni humbly said that He feel immense proud to be an Emirati because He is fortunate & blessed to born here. Being an Emirati is being part of a great tradition and representing the great values of our forefathers and leaders which gives us a sense of responsibility to cater the needs of the society whether it is helping someone or supporting any cause which may benefit the people at large. He strongly believes in women education, women empowerment and equal opportunity and He feels no difference among all the citizens & expatriates living here. So that is His responsibility and duty to encourage such efforts done by small entrepreneurs.

Suhail Al Zarooni said that He feel immense proud that as Emirati, we are strong enough to preserve the identity of being Emirati, our traditional values, and traditional clothes, while at the same time keeping pace with the UAE’s future vision, which illustrated to him, a country genuinely concerned about each and every one of its citizens &expatriates, deepening my appreciation, respect and sense of belonging to the UAE. With every passing day UAE is becoming stronger and stronger keeping its multi cosmopolitan culture having Expatriates from more than 2oo nations.

Suhail Al Zarooni was happy to see so many young women entrepreneurs at the exhibition, who are indulging themselves in the field of business and practicing their hands on different segments, which is really a path breaker. He said that trying in different career aspects shows the willpower, dedication & commitment of the young women which is the sign of self-dependency and financial stability for themselves and to their families.

Al Zarooni said that; “UAE has always promoted & motivated women to be educated and to be self-dependent in any of her chosen career.” He also praised organizers and their support associates for their collective efforts for organizing such an extraordinary event and wishes greetings to them for all the grand success for their future events.

Al Zarooni Inaugurated Wedding Showcase Exhibition At Hotel Sheraton, Dubai.

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