UAE Bashing in Pakistan media is condemnable

UAE Bashing in Pakistan media is condemnable

There is a famous Arabic saying “What is coming is better than what is gone”. As I read Pakistanis and their opinions on the recent decision of their parliament’s unanimous resolution on the issue of Yemen. I could not resist reminding my self of this saying for some reason.

The fiery debate has been unleashed. Many Pakistanis have been caught off guard in this. Millions of Pakistanis living in the GCC; I am sure must be hoping that sanity prevails and this goes away. Many Pakistanis have prospered in GCC over the last many decades including many politicians financially. Interestingly many questions have been raised on why GCC’s expecting of Pakistan’s help is too much to ask . I would like to clear certain misconceptions in the minds of many via this piece .

Many said on various social media sites and Pakistani news channels that they have taken the comments made by one prominent UAE Minister as an offence. Some said its against their dignity. The Pakistani Interior Minister who has nothing to do with the nation’s foreign policy was heard belittling UAE on the national media recently. We have seen few of the leading media channels to agree with his point of view and running talk shows to question again and again that why UAE asked the question ?

Whilst they are free to ask the question in Pakistan. But they must not forget that UAE has not been only a fair-weather friend of Pakistan. But along with other GCC countries let it be earthquakes , floods, education or health care. UAE rulers and their citizens have always strived to help Pakistan in their time of need. Further, UAE would ask the question as I personally fail to understand that if they have so much malice against UAE than why most of the prominent Pakistanis have invested heavily in UAE. Why many of the sitting government officials have kept UAE residency Visa on them?

I have the right to ask the question because I know that a very close relative of the sitting Prime Minister of Pakistan belonging to PMLN and inclusive himself have invested heavily in UAE. Why?  I wonder if the Interior Minister whilst giving the ill conceived statement was aware of this situation. I doubt don’t. Further, the former government of PPP has considerable investment in this country of their party leadership; infact they spend more time in UAE as we know than in Pakistan with multiple properties here. Even another leading party which is PTI & is known for sit in’s as well as proximity to Islamic radicals in Pakistan; have been heard in the assembly making Pakistanis cautious of the Iranian threat in their various speeches and talk shows appearances forget that until recently their party leader was in UAE trying to generate funds for his governments for the province under his party’s rule. Apart from the fact that UAE has allowed many a times the same party to raise charities for various of their endeavors in Pakistan and have always facilitated them in good spirit. Many other political parties leaders and their families are stationed from here. I have all the right to ask the question.

I have the right to ask the question because millions of Pakistanis work in GCC and over a million work here. Many a thousands come here to search for jobs and opportunities. UAE has provided a good secured location with respect for many Pakistanis who otherwise struggle for quality life in their own country. UAE which can attract the best manpower from any where in the world has given them equal treatment. I wonder what would be in the minds of those Pakistanis knowing that whilst their leaders and their kins are reaping the rewards of the opportunities given by UAE. Their government and their political leadership questions if UAE asks for their country to clear their position and shows their regret for the unanimous resolution passed is being twisted for their own political gimmickry. Yes its an internal Pakistan affair. But it becomes not so internal when UAE is being or has been used as a second home of most of those who have access to power. Lets not forget that the NRO of 2007 was done in UAE as accepted by many political leaders of Pakistan involved.

I have recently read a note by one of the few leading journalists called Marvi Sirmid who has used below dignity language against one member of our government. She must not forget that this is not Pakistan where abusing and making fun of your leadership is norm of the day. This is UAE . The contempt of any one of us means an insult of all us. I as a GCC national and an Emirati demand from the people of Pakistan and its government to remember the past history and the recent formal and informal channels between both the nations before they make choices which leaves permanent scars. Also, they must not forget that GCC and UAE has significant FDI in Pakistan.

I demand an apology from the said authors. I demand the government of Pakistan to take objection of all such actions against UAE. I hope at the same time the people of Pakistan will keep an eye on the future actions of their leadership especially when it comes to brotherly relations with GCC.

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