The Kingdoms of Prosperity

The Kingdoms of Prosperity

There is a lot of debate on how democracy is the best solution. Strangely the definition given by Pluto more than 2000 years ago saw its actual realization in the last 100 years. If we look closely the societies loosened up by decaying of inter family or tribal factors found a way to build consensus. They named it democracy in my view. Yet, when it comes to actual devolution of power . You are yet to see the real impact as you chose to create one individual with absolute power upon you. If you are lucky ; you may get examples of United States, UK , Germany and Malaysia of the many. If not than we have seen the exploding Africa and South Asia in the last many decades.

Some challenge that in these times monarchies are no more workable. A lot of which is said on the western media. But before they do they must not forget that certain areas of the world where family values & tribal culture are still rife. The westernized version of democracy is of no significance.

Our religion i.e. Islam also signifies the importance of Khalifa and in my opinion the many countries in the Middle East have Khalifa instead of Monarchs as its being defined in the West. The rulers of the many kingdoms in the Middle East have been serving the people of their respective countries without stop ensuring them a system without taxation extending free education, health facilities and various opportunities which on the contrary some of the Western countries do give but that too after hefty taxation . In some cases as high as 50% of the income. The disparity between rich and poor increase in my opinion for the same reason whilst poor is left squandering to survive whilst rich becomes richer and become monarchs on the money of the masses in their own way.

amazing_dubai_marinaLet me give you the example of United Arab Emirates where the local population let it be from any background or Emirates has an equal opportunity to grow and prosper based on hard work and has access to equal opportunities to learn and live. Reason today UAE has become the star of not only Middle East but a sign of prosperity , growth and future for various other nations in the world. Including the Western countries whose Diaspora anxiously try to come and work in UAE especially and live equal or a better life style in one of the fastest growing nations and metropolitans like Dubai. The nation is looking towards space and is the center of business and all of this came under its rulers who for the western world maybe Monarchs but for the people of UAE are Khalifa as they are amongst them serving them to prosper.

Let me give you the example of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which hosts one of the highest populations in the Middle East as well as has given opportunities to millions of expats to come and avail the opportunity. Billions of dollars are being spent on the welfare of their people where indigenous population has access to one of the best hospitals, schools and various facilities without paying a single dollar of tax and are able to avail quality of life as any other Western nation. The rulers of KSA are infact are known as Khadim of Haramain Sharifain who have been serving millions who come to visit the Muslim holy sites of Mecca and Madina . The maintenance of these facilities , the expansion of which and various facilities for the visitors at a little or almost zero cost is a significant contribution towards the Muslim Ummah.

Today, when challenge the logic. But let them answer me honestly that in the world where now even water has a price and by the way things are going . I fear so would be breathing air. Which countries apart from the many examples existing in the Middle East they would find the concept of the welfare state where equal opportunities are given to all. The tribal strata and the religious center of gravity accommodates the concept of this form of rule ; especially when the rulers of the Middle East nations have been serving their people with humility and justice.

The definition in the west historically of Kingdom was slavery. But even in these times the definition is prosperity in times of today. We wish health and longevity to these rulers who have defied all the world to ensure that they would give the growth which their people want and have dispelled all notions in the last many decades by ensuring equal access . The growth of today would not have been possible without which.

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