Suhail Al Zarooni hosted a Courtesy Dinner to Farewell passing Year 2016 on positive and Happy note

Suhail Al Zarooni hosted a Courtesy Dinner to Farewell passing Year 2016 on positive and Happy note

His Excellency Suhail Mohd Al Zarooni, Guinness World Record Holder, Chairman Al Zarooni Foundation & the Emirati Entrepreneur hosted a Courtesy Dinner at Zarooni Palace to give a Farewell to passing Year 2016 on happy and positive note. The successful people from media and event fraternity were invited at this occasion at his Zarooni Palace in Dubai. Suhail Mohd. Al Zarooni said as the Happy New Year 2017 is barely couple of days away to come and the countdown has already begun. As the New Year 2017 is on sight and People are remembering the old days that went by in this year.

Universally the people all over the world are waiting to welcome the Happy New Year 2017 with pleasure and generally celebrate this occasion while welcoming it. Suhail Al Zarooni said his motto on hosting a farewell for the passing year 2016, that as the year gone by will soon be only a thing of the past to be remembered and as we are now living out the last days of the year 2016. We should not forgets achievements & failures which taught us the lesson and become the milestones of the Year 2016. Thus is such manner it has brought success and lessons of life, as every day lived by all of us is the ultimate blessings of God. So let’s cherish this moment as it’s time to say the Old Year 2016 Goodbye and Embrace the New Year to come 2017!

The eminent guests for the evening were Mr. Manoj Prasad, Executive Vice Chairman & CEO, Que Capital Limited, Dubai, Mr Gaurav Tandon, MD, K Kompany, Dubai, Mr.Zakir Hussain, MD Iconart Prodcution, Dubai, Mr Ahmed & Ms. Juhi Yasmeen Khan, Founder & Managing Director, The Friday Market, JYK Fashion House, Weekender Trading, Women Helping Women, Dubai, Mr Matt Gordan & Ms. Aishwarya Ajit, TV Presenter, Beauty Guru & Founder of Lockstress Hair, Ms Binita Shrivastava, MD, Visionaras Managing Consultancy-A Part of Suhail Al Zarooni Group of Companies, Mr M S khan of Caprice Watches, Mr Laiq Jan, Mr Ali Parvez, Mr Muhammad Ijaz Haider, Soaring High Inc, Mr Shaik Mansoor, Bloomberg Middle East, Ms Salma Sam, Salma Sam Events, Ms Ghazala Nidgundi, Director, Magic Hands, Mr. Puskin Agha, Mr. Emaad, Ms. Nisha and many others eminent guests from the different part and parcel from the society were also presented at the occasion. Ms. Binita Shrivastava presented the memento to His Excellency Zarooni as a token of Honor and Respect.

While giving introduction of His Excellency Suhail Mohd Al Zarooni to the august gathering at the occasion, Dr Vishwas Srivastava said it’s an honor for him to give His Excellency Suhail Al Zarooni introduction to all the guest presented to the house. Afterwards all the guests gave their brief introduction to Suhail AL Zarooni and then further all of them had an insightful discussion with Him. Later all the guests had a delicious dinner with Al Zarooni and after that all had photos  with H.E.Suahil Al Zarooni to keep their memories fresh forever and to cherish this moment for long. At this occasion, Ms. Smiksha from Sony TV took an interview of His Excellency Suhail Mohd Al. Zarooni and asked about his New Year goals and future plans.

Later in the evening Mr Shakeel Siddiqui famous television stand-up comedian paid a visit to meet His Excellency Zarooni along with Mr Danish Mushtaq, DM Real Estate, Pakistan and Mr Vishal Mehatani. Shakeel Siddiqui is a Pakistani television stand-up comedian better known as ‘Teeli’ in Pakistan. He rose to prominence in Bollywood after appearing as a contestant in Comedy Circus. Shakeel was best known for his time in India for the show Comedy Circus where he was critically acclaimed as a king of stage comedy. As usual his presence and a comic sense humor created series of laughter among guests.

Al Zarooni was happy to welcome all the eminent guests at this occasion who have indulged themselves in the field of business and have a social impact on the society at large, and thanked them all for gracing the function and attending dinner. While concluding the Program, Suhail Al Zarooni said that this is that time of the year when we all can memorize all the Happy and sad moments of the year. These last few days, take a while to be quiet by us and think what could have gone better. Do not sob over the past failures. Remember the New Year is here. This is a great time to make a fresh start in your life. Every day of this wonderful New Year will bring along a new hope.

In his New Year Greetings and Wishes to All, His Excellency Suhail Mohd Al Zarooni said that wishing everyone a fabulous 2017 with full of great achievements and experiences. A meaningful chapter waiting to be written in a brand new year. This Year, Ι Am Putting First Wish In It with the onset of this new year, Ι pray to God for giving Everybody a reason to smile. Goodbye, 2016! Hello, 2017! You remember: life is short, you really love, to release any further, laugh regularly and nothing to regret forever!

 Happy New Year to All !!!


Suhail Al Zarooni Hosted A Courtesy Dinner To Farewell Passing Year 2016 On Positive And Happy Note

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