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The Chairman’s Message

All significant achievements in the world start with a small step. The Suhail Al Zarooni Group began with a small step in the mid 1980’s, when a hard working man started to build homes in his community, and established company in Dubai, which was then, a small trading port on the Gulf coast. Since then, with his hard work, determination, and most importantly, his building of Trust and Goodwill, his company grew to become a major player in the construction industry in Dubai. As I was entrusted with the Management responsibility of the Company, I continued to be inspired by the same vision and guiding principles. I also recognized the need to modernize the Company and achieve growth, by diversifying its activities into areas such as Real Estate holdings, Exchange Houses, Healthcare, Information Technology, Network Marketing, Telecommunication, Trading, Tourism, Facilities Management and Interior Decoration & Furniture manufacturing. The third generation is now being prepared, and I am very pleased to note that it is also guided by the same uncompromising principles of hard work, Integrity, High Moral Values, and Goodwill building. The UAE, and Dubai in particular has seen an unparalleled growth in size, population, and modern infrastructure over the last 3 decades, and has become the undisputed hub of Business and High Technology in the Middle East. All forecasts for the next decade predict this growth to increase exponentially, with the Dubai Leadership focusing on Tourism, local industry, the Media and Communication Industry. We at the Suhail Al Zarooni Group, are well positioned to become a major player in the growth of Dubai, and a major player in the Middle East Exchange Trade and Industry. We are constantly looking at opportunities for growth, and at investing in activities that add value to our Shareholders, Customers, Partners and Employees.


His Excellency Suhail M Al Zarooni

Al Zarooni Group

Suhail Al Zarooni Group of Companies was established by its Chairman, His Excellency Suhail Mohd Al Zarooni,, to consolidate several Al Zarooni ventures and companies both in the UAE as well as Internationally. The Al Zarooni Group of Companies, based in Dubai, was founded in the early 1980s and has since branched out in size and stature across various segments of the Emirate’s business world. The Group has been pioneers in business with diversified activities in construction, real estate, retail, food products, investments, industrial related materials and components, manufaturing and general trading. Today the Group of Companies has interests in diversified sectors such as Technology, Entertainment, Automotive and Real Estate. The Group, under the guidance of Mr. Al Zarooni, is managed by a team of professionals with international experience and diversified backgrounds. Through Mr. Al Zarooni’s in dept knowledge of the UAE markets and trends, The Suhail Al Zarooni Group of Companies continues to diversify itself into key sectors that we feel will have tremendous growth opportunities.


Our Vision is to be Leaders in our activities, Innovative in our technology,Proactive in our management and Transparent in our dealings with clients.


Providing the highest service standards to our clients; ensuring career opportunities to our employees and continuous support to our society.

Dubai Statistics

Our group of exceptionally gifted experts and bookkeepers take pride in our capacity to give altered, ideal answers for every customer. We are a selective, free firm that is completely mindful of our customers’ necessities as for evaluating, duties, lawful matters, bookkeeping and money related guidance. With our broad global system of specific accomplices we can offer our customers a complete money related arranging/administration and Business Solutions bundle.

Authenticity: Committed to the provision of accurate statistical information based on transparency of data sources, degree of accuracy, standards, and methodology.

Confidentiality: Committed to maintaining the secrecy of real and nominal individuals and preventing leakage to any party, irrespective of the excuse.
Al Zarooni Business Forum

Where else in the world could so many nationalities, cultures and ideas be allowed to not only come together to flourish, but be actually welcomed and encouraged to do so?
Our multi-national, multi-cultural, multi-lingual team reflects the character of Dubai.
We shall always be thankful to have been given the opportunity to live, work and grow in this wonderful atmosphere.

Al Zarooni IT Solution

We believe in the power of practical, real life solutions
Al Zarooni IT Solution is a Team of qualified and professionally trained programmers, web developers, graphic designers, marketing experts, and Project Managers who have collectively worked on numerous corporate projects and websites. Our head office is located in Stuttgart-Germany. Al Zarooni IT Solution is well equipped with cutting edge technology that is available and continuously educating their team in order to stay apprised of any new knowledge in the industry. Al Zarooni IT Solution use all of the elements to in regards to any SLA (service-level agreement) that we enter into. Al Zarooni IT Solution is firmly committed to customer satisfaction and offer personalized approach marketing to every client that is within the IT Family and focus on making long term relationship with them.

Web Development

We live in the era of Internet and mobile devices. The Internet is now the number one way that people across the globe communicate, and savvy businesses have begun to take advantage of this new and novel platform. But how does the Internet continue to be such a major player in Communications, Media and the News? The answer is through Web Applications. At Al Zarooni IT Solution, we are reaching out our helping hands to assist your online business in increasing your profits to an extent you may never have imaged. We are able to provide your business with the push you need to get on the path to success.


The Internet has changed much about the way that people perform their daily tasks and chores. Life standards have become more sophisticated as a result. This has led to the creation of a new class of Internet consumers and has caused e-commerce to become an even bigger industry. Do not miss the boat; contact Al Zarooni IT Solution today so we can help you to increase your business’s online visibility. We will help you to create an online identity and will assist you in promoting your brand with shops that are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We use following open source for E-commerce Website Development.

Software Development

For many business owners, the software solutions that are available ‘off the shelf’ are unable to truly address the unique needs of your business. If the software you possess is not meeting the specific needs of your business, Al Zarooni IT Solution can help you to gain a competitive edge and to increase your ROI by providing reliable, flexible and high qualify custom software application development. We possess a great deal of expertise in providing custom web-based software solutions and Internet/intranet portals for our highly valued clients. Our software applications are quite easy to maintain and are also scalable to your evolving requirements.

Mobile Development

Our team possesses the experience and the expertise that is necessary in order to provide our clients with the highest quality in interactive mobile applications. We take care to utilize the latest and most advanced operating systems and to ensure that our creations are both functional and user-friendly.

ERP/CRM Development

Our expertise includes complex enterprise resource planning software development which is an effective solution for large and small businesses in resource planning and forecasting, increasing productivity and efficiency of each company department.

Human Resources

recruitment can be very tedious and specialized job, sometimes you end up hiring a completely wrong person. If you are looking for IT personnel, you have landed to right place because we take IT recruitment very seriously!

Social Media Optimization

Facebook Fans, Twitter Follower And Much More…

Social Media presence has come to the fore in the recent years. Social Media makes brand awareness through viral marketing.We have been doing social media optimization since its inception. We have real people to do the job for you.

We have expert people creating stunning videos for you. We have strong fan base on our twitter , facebook and linkedIn Profiles. We spread your social media campaign to millions of real people to get you astonishing results. offering Social Media and Search Engine Optimization services. The company has been established with the main objective of offering high quality online marketing services to its customers.

We believe in customer satisfaction and guarantee results. We strive to make our customers online presence felt with our search engine and social media optimization services.

Al Zarooni Export & Import Service

If you are seeking assistance in locating any product in Europe & USA, we can assist you to find a right supplier in a short time period. If you are intended to import and export products, we can provide you relevant satisfactory services with minimal hassles. We have proven experience in assisting customers to setup agencies in Europe & USA. Our objective is to provide lowest price with high quality and professional services. Al Zarooni Export & Import Service is one of the rising international traders of new and used machinery and raw materials. Commencing its operations in 2004, the company has grown leaps and bounds in its credibility as well as its volume of business. With a strong presence in Germany and Dubai, we have also made our presence felt across the EU & USA.


Our Products Range

At Al Zarooni Export & Import Service we have a history of offering the best products in the most effortless process. Our 12 years of experience in International Trade has made us an expert in understanding our customer’s specific needs and providing tailor-made solutions.

  • Printing Machineries
  • Road Construction Equipment
  • Metal Industry
  • Construction Equipment
  • Oil & Gas
  • Medical equipment’s
  • Body Care
  • Textile & Stocklot
  • Agriculture products
  • Metal Scrap
  • Stocklots
  • General Industrial Requirement