Hunting in Pakistan not just a Sport but a Bond of Friendship …

Hunting in Pakistan not just a Sport but a Bond of Friendship …

There is a lot of noise now a days in Pakistan about the hunting done by Arab Nationals . I have been watching Pakistani media as well . Ironically! some are denouncing the continuity of Arabs coming to Pakistan for hunting whilst there are a few media channels who are seen supporting continuity of this decades old activity done by the many Arabs who go to Pakistan a fellow Muslim country to continue with their centuries old tradition of hunting.

The landscape in Pakistan and the hospitality of the Pakistani brethren over the last few decades have been one reason why the Arabs continued going to Pakistan instead of the bordering India though many of the habitat is shared in the adjoining areas. This hospitality has been returned in terms of development which the Middle Eastern nations did in the areas where they went for the hunting purposes . One example of which is the city of Rahim Yar Khan in the Southern Punjab region of Pakistan.

Historically, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan the President of United Arab Emirates & His Most Respected Father have developed the city of Rahim Yar Khan and adjoining areas. Thousands of people have been given jobs and opportunity to prosper. One of my friends a Pakistani who have been to those areas tell me that how the city of Rahim Yar Khan is adequately developed much better than many rural centers of Pakistan. The development done by the ruling family of Abu Dhabi and UAE who frequented the area for hunting purpose developed the area with a local airport, hospitals , schools and other infra structure. I fear that if these ties are broken down between the Middle East and Pakistan . The benefit to the local rural population from this annual visit by the various Middle Eastern Arabs would see an end or seizure.

I know for sure vide my various trips to the rural Sindh that how poor of the areas, businessmen and the local community wait for this period of the year and some earn the full year rations etc due to the generosity shown by the visiting Arabs. Many businesses are established around the same only. Wonder what will happen to such in case of any such dire eventuality.
The question which comes to my mind is that which elements in Pakistan are  supporting this campaign to question the visits of Arabs for hunting at this juncture when at these times both the nations come closer instead some elements want both the nations further alienated. Wonder who is going to benefit from this? I will not today try to answer this question as I am aware that people of Pakistan are intelligent enough to understand what is in their interest.

These hunting trips to Pakistan instead of India is a show of confidence in our relationship with Pakistan which we still see positively . Though alternates are available in these times to continue the tradition. Pakistanis must not given to the propaganda who want to see a new kind of demographics in the Middle East & its relationship especially to a fellow Muslim country like Pakistan . This will only and only effect Pakistan as it may lose more of its friends when in fact they cant afford for themselves and the Muslim Ummah on the whole.
The Hunting is a tradition which Arabs must continue. We will pray that we continue the same in Pakistan .

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