How does my writing process work?

How does my writing process work?

When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.

I follow my heart when I pick the topic and don’t worry about whether the writing will be published anywhere. Anything I start writing and don’t finish, or complete but don’t think is good enough for publication, is just good writing practice. But often when I’ve written something I know it will work ,  I spend a lot of time tweaking it to improve the headline, story and content in the hope it will reach as many people as possible. My biggest tip to writers is to always include some personality and personal writing in your stories. That really makes your writing sing and creates bonds like nothing else. It’s thrilling to get emails or comments from people who say they feel exactly the same way or that they thought they were the only one. I know my writing  has helped many people all around the world with a lot of different problems and that feedback motivates me to keep at it.

Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.

Blogging has become a hobby I regularly recommend to others. I started blogging as a personal tool to journal the changes we were making as we began minimizing our possessions. But somewhere along the line, it became less about me writing the story and more about the story changing me. Remember, you don’t need to blog as a means to get rich or as a means to gather a huge following. You don’t even need to blog as a means to change the Internet… the change that a blog will cause in your life is reason enough. I write to express. I feel like myself when I’m writing. I write not for the purpose of being published or the intention of being read, but for the thrill of putting pen to paper. I write for love of the craft, for the sake of writing itself.

I write to understand. I do not write because all the answers are in my possession. because I don’t know what I think until it is written. Because by writing, I am able to see things more clearly. I write to remember. Writing lets me grasp life in ways that would otherwise escape me. It helps me connect with God and the universe and reminds that I’m still breathing and there’s a reason why.

So today, I am grateful for this gift of expression that helps me better understand my thoughts and remember that I am alive. I write because I can’t imagine not doing so. Because in writing, I become a little bit more of myself.
Peace & Pens
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