GCC relationship with Pakistan has to be mutual….

GCC relationship with Pakistan has to be mutual….

Gulf nations have been Pakistan’s greatest ally in the region since its inception. The relationship has been mutual or more on brotherly terms rather than commercial interests. But sadly a few feel that though the GCC nations have gone many times ahead supporting the Islamic republic in all the turmoil. Some have made to belief that this relationship is no more mutual.

I am a proud GCC national but equally proud of going to Pakistan since I was a kid. Infact, for astonishment of few . I have had my early education in Pakistan and can speak as fluent Urdu as any Pakistani can. I have been involved in many social endeavors in the country without any selfish reasons. I strongly feel that the bonding between GCC and Pakistan is more than just an international relationship.

With half of the Pakistanis living abroad live in GCC and further when Pakistan was crunched for foreign exchange . It was Pakistanis living in GCC remitting approx. 50% of the remittances sent from all over the world to Pakistan. GCC today is growing at an international pace and is competing against all developed economies in the world. A friend of mine visiting Australia for world cup came back and told me that Dubai is far far ahead of the cities in Australia though it is seen as an advanced nation. GCC is currently attracting many global business leaders and brains who are willing to leave the life in Europe and US to work in this region and avail the opportunity which it presents professionally and financially . As many are aware GCC is inhabited also by significant Indian population and I don’t need to remind that India is now an upcoming economic power. Recently during Mr. Modi’s visit to France . We could see that how much France was relying on India to make a big purchase of French made Rafael aircrafts. Similarly  India presents to GCC a two way opportunity both economically and professionally.

We have been seeing Pakistan struggling for the last many years inclusive of politically, economically and socially . But still GCC have been open to invite Pakistanis to come to this region and avail an equal opportunity to grow and enjoy the rewards the region offer in terms of economics and profession. We must not forget that due to various factors Pakistan or Pakistanis are struggling with getting opportunities abroad. But GCC has been there for their brethren in times through thick and thin.

Yesterday i.e. April 10th 2015 . Pakistani parliament and senate jointly passed a resolution stating that Pakistan must remain neutral in the issue of Yemen. Many reasons were given inclusive of Sectarian . What I cannot understand that why is the country , its government and its Army wants to remain neutral in the conflict of Yemen? What is the reason ? what isYemen giving or has given to Pakistan in the past? Indirectly looks like that Pakistan is taking a stand against Saudi Arabia and GCC.

Though it is being reported that PTI was key behind the fact that the word neutral was introduced in the resolution but what confuses me more that how come other parties accepted their stance and passed an unanimous resolution in the joint parliament session.

In my view even if some in establishment are behind bringing PTI in time to the parliament for this joint session. PTI must think it self what have they achieved in the last many months when they did sit inns’ on their advise. I am really confused. I still believe that Pakistan Army and its establishment can’t ditch Saudi Arabia and GCC at this critical juncture by allowing Pakistan to remain neutral.

I don’t think that the issue in Yemen is sectarian. The fighters of Yemen are hacking people not as Shias or Sunnis. I fail to understand that how come the Pakistan Army and its government are forgetting the recent incident in Peshawar APS school which was equal to the 9/11 of Pakistan. How can they forget & ignore these elements ?

What is more confusing that how come all parties inclusive of MQM, PPP, PMLN and PMLQ inclusive of PTI voted for this resolution which is against GCC? Arent these politicians who have invested billions in the GCC can be oblivious of the fact that at this stage when their support is needed they have agreed to pass the resolution in the parliament unanimously?

They must not forget historically whilst countries like US and Turkey when they supported Pakistan took advantage in return as international favors for their support like US’s desire to keep Pakistan engaged in Afghanistan and Turkey as recently who made Pakistan to vote in their favor instead of UAE during 2020 nominations. On the contrary, GCC nations have given Pakistan and its brotherly people support in all possible way with  nothing in return.

I am personally very disappointed with this passage of resolution and I am sure many other GCC nationals are. Like we have been behind Pakistan; we expect that Pakistan must keep on mutually respecting the relationship between GCC and themselves. I am sure that Pakistanis would not let their government ignore this fact. Since this breakdown in relationship may effect their lives whilst their leaders accumulate wealth and live comfortable lives in this region and may choose to go elsewhere in case of any unfortunate eventuality.

I am sure that people of Pakistan would realize and it would force their government to review their decision and pray that the brotherly relations between GCC and Pakistan continues unabated mutually in the future.

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