Anti-Discrimination Law a bearer of our Future

Anti-Discrimination Law a bearer of our Future

Never before it has been critical for the Muslim Ummah to stand united behind their leadership as many forces are in play to divide the unity of the Ummah and keep the schism alive to keep such elements in contention which draws its strength from the chaos which exists.

Whilst the word is progressing financially and technologically. The Muslim Ummah is fighting its war of survival. Sadly when our generation should be gearing up to face the next century with the knowledge of power and technology. They are currently struggling for their survival and specks of food. Such elements are ensuring and building such turmoil to let their hate reign supreme. The many Muslim nations are realizing the need to align themselves together to ensure to contain this hatred from spreading and continuing.

Living in UAE with over 190 nationalities it’s critical that the many societies coexist with each other peacefully. Recently the government of UAE passed a law where they strongly denounced religious discrimination. The best time to come out with such a regulation when the region is trying to fight off any growing efforts by the enemies of Islam to engulf the many communities to get involved in any conflict.

The leadership of UAE has proved in the last many decades to be the most progressive as they have built a strong society on the hinges of tolerance and inclusiveness. The diversity which UAE offers has been the backbone of the society which could be only possible under the vision of the leadership of this great nation. The timing of such a law gives the confidence to the international community and the various nationalities living in UAE that the government here has decided to ensure that the nucleus of the society which has put this great nation on the top of the world map remains as such and continues to give an environment where the society grows and the moderate face of the great society called UAE keeps on leading the region.

All the more reason that all the Muslim nations take a learning from the law passed here and adopt the strategy of tolerance and inclusiveness so that such forces are discouraged whole heartedly hence giving the message to such forces and elements that there is no room for such thoughts in any Muslim nation which is the only way to ensure progressiveness so that the youth and our children instead of surviving day to day invests in their future vide education and learning.

I pray that the UAE leadership keeps on with their continuous endeavors towards keeping UAE as the most progressive Muslim nation in the world and a role model for others to adopt from. The passage of such laws ensures the stature of such societies.

The Law

The law also includes provisions for punishing anyone for terming other religious groups or individuals as infidels or unbelievers.
The law is intended to provide a sound foundation for the environment of tolerance, broad-mindedness and acceptance in the UAE and aims to safeguard people regardless of their origin, beliefs or race, against acts that promote religious hate and intolerance.
Penalties for violation of various provisions of the law include jail terms of six months to over 10 years and fines from Dh50,000 to Dh2 million.
The Anti-Discriminatory Law prohibits any act that would be considered as insulting God, his prophets or apostles or holy books or houses of worship or graveyards.
It also has provisions to fight discrimination against individuals or groups on the basis of religion, caste, doctrine, race, colour or ethnic origin.
The law condemns actions that would comprise hate speech or the promotion of discrimination or violence against others using any form of media, including online, print, radio or visual media.
Strict action will be taken against any form of expressions of hatred or incitement to hate crimes spread in the form of speech and published media.
The law also criminalises any act that amounts to abuse of religion or vandalism of religious rituals, holy sites or symbols, and takes a serious view of violence on the basis of religious doctrines.
The law prohibits any entity or group established specifically to provoke religious hatred and recommends stringent punishments for groups or supporters of any organisations or individuals that are associated with hate crimes.

It also bars any kind of events such as conferences and meetings within the UAE organised with the sole purpose of sowing seeds of discrimination, discord or hatred against individuals or groups on the basis of faith, origin or race.
Receiving financial support for such activities is also punishable under the new law.
The law encourages anyone involved in any activity that violates the law to voluntarily submit themselves before the authorities and has provisions allowing the courts to waive penalties in such cases.
The new law does not contradict with any other existing laws meant to protect specially privileged groups in the society such as women, children and individuals with disabilities or others.

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