Al Zarooni unveiled Parvin Sokhi’s book “I AM NOT HARAM”

Al Zarooni unveiled  Parvin Sokhi’s book “I AM NOT HARAM”

His Excellency Suhail Mohd Al Zarooni unveiled “I AM NOT HARAM” book in front of packed audience at Dubai in a private function. “I AM NOT HARAM” book is written by an extremely talented young woman, Pravin Sokhi. Suhail Al Zarooni was the Chief Guest at this occasion, unveiled the hand written book, which was presented to him. Earlier, the hosts welcomed Him at the function and presented the flowers. At this occasion, the other distinguish guests were Mr Gurmit Singh Sodhi, Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA), Ferozpur, Punjab & Vice President of Congress Punjab as Special Guest of Honor, Dr Vishwas Saran Srivastava, Family & Friends of Pravin Sohi & Abul Aziz the author & co writer of the book along with Media fraternity.

The Author of the book “I AM NOT HARAM” is Parvin Sokhi’s, a 21-year-old girl from Punjab, Born and raised in Dubai, with a strong or habitual liking for understanding human behavior. It is her first book as an author and for sure it isn’t the last time. With her book, Pravin is on a mission to take her readers on a roller coaster ride to feel themselves and their souls, till She deliver something worthwhile our time.

According to Pravin, one can have an insight of truth by reading her book as nowadays people don’t want to hear the truth about them is because they are afraid that their illusions about themselves might be destroyed. She further said that only one hand written book was made for the purpose of unveiling and to present it to Suhail Al Zarooni for His personal collection. This book has been published online and available

Abdul Aziz is the Co-Writer of this book from India & been sailing on the waves of Dubai since the last 18 years. He is a 22-year-old guy with a penchant for reading and understanding human behavior. According to him, age is just a number created by humans to measure their time on earth – it has got nothing to do with growth, maturity or intellect. He is a firm believer of the fact that experience and exposure shape the way one think, which is reflected in the way someone act. Time is just constant – It doesn’t heal nor makes things better. It’s what you do within that time frame that actually makes the difference.

Both these Youth might have a slightly different way of looking at things, but that’s what makes them unique. The joy of reading is “you either learn from it or are sure of its nonsense”.

Al Zarooni has applauded the bold title which reflects its story line and praised the way the Pravin Sokhi & Abdul Aziz kept the momentum alive to complete this book in spite of they both went to a hardship during the process of the book publication and to get the title approval and finally gave such a nice mater class book focusing on the extra ordinary life of a Human Being. The book is interestingly written which includes combination of pictures of real life too.

Suhail Al Zarooni said that it is good to see that today’s youth are indulging themselves in the field of literacy and practicing their hands on different fields, which earlier used to be taken care at the later stage of life. He said that trying in different career aspects shows the willpower, dedication & commitment of the young blood which is the sign of maturity of today’s youth. Al Zarooni praised both the author & the writer for their collective efforts to give shape to their extraordinary concept and their deep thought process & wishes both of them the warm wishes for their future projects.

Al Zarooni Unveiled Parvin Sokhi’s Book “I AM NOT HARAM”

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