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Compassion and caring for children/Women in need are moral necessities.We all look for ways in which to distribute, but it’s not always easy.The Al Zarooni foundation ensures your donations are put to work in ways that truly benefit children, women in need.The foundation has already done a lot of good work since its launch on December 30th, 2011.We are highly grateful to our patrons for their continued support helping us to achieve our goals of health, food,education and housing for the deserving children and women.No matter how successful our fund raising efforts are we are never able to raise enough money to meet all the needs of the children / Women in our care. There are numerous ways that you can help support the work of the foundation. Al Zarooni foundation is an organization serving communities across the Pakistan. Our local committees take many shapes and sizes, but all of them capitalize the energy, resources and talents of many individuals to serve women and Children and help them along the path to achieving their full potential for comfort living.Al Zarooni foundation operates on the principle that all people should have access to the basic necessities of life. We strive to accomplish our goals through working democratically with the communities we serve. Suhail Mohamed Al Zarooni Started his first NGO which provides Education for Underprivileged Children.Emirati Businessman  Suhail Mohd. Al Zarooni has set up his first NGO in Pakistan. The initiative, which took 15 months to conceive,brings together regional efforts and international expertise with a common goal to impact the level of education available to children, especially those who have been orphaned in the recent floods across Pakistan.The Suhail Al Zarooni Museum and Car Collection which has exhibited some of the world’s most coveted cars continues to use its priciest and rare collectibles to generate awareness about global movements such as Think Green, Peace in the World and Educate Our Children. These projects have received acclaim from the United Nations.The NGO is the first of those planned to affect the education of children in Asia and the Middle East.It was well attended by prominentpeople philanthropist, businessmen and the media…

“Al Zarooni foundation Focuses on a life-cycle approach that incorporates women rights.”

AlZarooni foundation aims to provide healthcare to children / Women in need through its various projects in Pakistan next  bangladesh  Africa, India, and Sri Lanka and beyond. We hope to reach out to more countries on our network  soon.Al Zarooni foundation aims to provide safety and security for destitute children / Women by providing them with a roof over heads. Having a home children / Women with a base from which they can proceed their journey to dignity living.We aim and owe every child / Woman the basic right of  adequate nourishment.Al Zarooni foundation aims to provide the resources needed to educate children / Women so that they might develop the tools for a brighter tomorrow. For so many children / Women education is the way out for crossing poverty.The foundation’s aim is to help disadvantaged children /  Women realize their full potential by providing them with the basics, which most of us take for granted such as food, medicine, housing and education.Focusing particularly on children trapped in extreme poverty, the foundation, made up of volunteer employees and friends of the Al Zarooni Group, strives to reduce illness and childhood mortality rates.We reach out to the most deserving by funding schools, education programmes and supplies.The foundation has also funded hospices where abandoned children afflicted with HIV/AIDS have found shelter and care.We fund medical equipment, therapy supplies, build or refurbish old hospitals and provide supporting services.The Foundation now focuses its efforts to assist young people, associated institutions and community organizations to contribute to the nation’s long-term progress and sustainability.The Foundation provides a helpline, emergency shelter, and support services to women and children victims.Al Zarooni foundation aims to protect physically, sexually, and emotionally abused women and children, prevent ongoing abuse and the escalation of violence, and promote social awareness through education and its outreach.

Shelter for Humanity

AZF with limited sources has constructed some houses. There is dire vacuum between need and availability of resources. You can help these people rehabilitate soon, and thus, make their lives better and promising with brighter future.

Project1 Al Zarooni Foundation

Save Drinking Water

AZF, mission is to change lives through the gift of clean, safe water. Access to clean drinking water, a basic human right In the West, we tend to take drinking water for granted. But many people in Pakistan don’t have that luxury. Shelter Now is digging new wells…

World Class Education

Al Zarooni foundation is a non-profit charity organization which aims to improve the quality of life for children/ Women, regardless of geographical, political, or religious boundaries, and to help them maintain or improve their human dignity.

Project 3 Al Zarooni-Foundation-Education

Trauma Center

Al Zarooni trauma center is a hospital equipped and staffed to provide comprehensive emergency medical services to patients suffering traumatic injuries.


Building Toilets

Al Zarooni Foundation launched a Campaign to lift a deadly Taboo on talking about Toilets and turn to the Pakistan into an „Open defecation-Free Zone.”

build atoilet al Zarooni Foundation

Al Zarooni Hospital

Al Zarooni Foundation wants to make a difference for children and families by enabling the Al Zarooni Hospital to deliver world class health-care.

Al Zarooni Hospital