Al Zarooni Called upon Mr Cesar Guedes, Director, UNODC …

Al Zarooni Called upon Mr Cesar Guedes, Director, UNODC …

Suhail Mohd Al Zarooni, Guinness World Record Holder, Chairman Al Zarooni Foundation & the Emirati Entrepreneur Called upon Mr Cesar Guedes, Director, UNODC Pakistan at his residence in Dubai, who were accompanied with the representative officers from Sub regional Office along with the senior officials from British Embassy, Dubai, UAE. On this occasion, Suhail Mohd Al Zarooni hosted a courtesy dinner in the honor of Mr Cesar Guedes, Director, UNODC Pakistan.

Mr Cesar Guedes (Peru) is an international civil servant of the United Nations with 20 years of experience in various agencies such as UNODC, UNDP, UNIDO and UN Volunteers. During his long tenure with the UN system, he has served in several country offices in Guyana, China, North Korea, Peru, Panama and Bolivia as well as HQ locations in Bonn (Germany) and Vienna (Austria).

Before arriving in Islamabad, he was accredited as UNODC Country Representative for Bolivia, managing an ample thematic portfolio. On completing of his assignment, Mr Cesar received the National Award “Condor de los Andes” the highest honour conferred by the Bolivian Government to those engaged in rendering services of excellence to the country. Prior to Bolivia he served at UNODC HQ in Vienna as Section Chief for Latin America and the Caribbean. He is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, English, French and German.

Mr Cesar Guedes, Representative, UNODC Pakistan was welcomed by Suhail Al Zarooni at Zarooni Palace. During meeting with Al Zarooni, Mr Cesar Guedes said that UNODC used to maintain an enhanced working relationship which looks set to strengthen the country’s responses to the interconnected threats of drugs, crime and terrorism in the region.

He further said that UNODC, Pakistan, work towards closer ties to fighting crime & drug threats. The UNODC Country Office in Pakistan (COPAK) have successfully opened a new ANF check-post in Sost, along the Sino-Pakistani border. Supported by the Governments of Japan, Denmark, the United Kingdom and Canada, this is one of the key achievements under COPAK’s ongoing work under the Pakistan Country Programme (2010-2016). He then shared the UNODC Pakistan country programme for 2016-2019 and presented a hand book of it toSuhail Mohd. Al Zarooni. For each of these five areas, the Menu of Services contains information about some of the publications and online tools it has developed and examples of the impact that the UNODC is having on the ground. With this country programme UNODC is developing solutions for Justice and Security Related Challenges in Pakistan along with other issues.

UNODC organization use to help Governments in the following areas, i.e., Organized crime and trafficking, Corruption, Crime prevention and criminal justice reform, Drug abuse prevention and health & Terrorism prevention. In the words of UNODC “If UNODC provides services that you require, or if you would like to support our work, please call on us. Working together to take action against drugs, crime, corruption and terrorism, we can increase security and improve the lives of individuals, families and communities all over the world.” At a time when these problems without borders are becoming widely recognized as threats to individuals and nations alike, requests for coordinated UNODC initiatives at the national, regional and transnational levels continue to grow. Our work enhances security and improves the everyday lives of people across the globe.

Suhail Al Zarooni while discussing with Mr Cesar, expressed that the biggest problem in that region is the lack of education and unemployment to the youth. He added that as the young generation are not getting proper education and even the basic education due to which they get easily distracted by the evil society members whose task is to spoil them. He further said that the other significant problem is the unemployment; especially to those who are educated but unable to get job and because of it, they get engaged in such activities only for the sake of petty money and self-pleasure which distract them.

Al Zarooni suggested that UNODC as an organization should work closely with the respective Governments especially in these two areas; education & unemployment, along with other essential work area of their menu of services to bring the disturbed youth to the main stream of life, which will not only improves individuals life however it will also strengthen the Nation and its citizens to fight against the organized crime and trafficking, Corruption, Crime prevention and will help UNODC in its mission for criminal justice reform, Drug abuse prevention and health & Terrorism prevention.

Mr Cesar Guedes said that meeting like this is a symbol and a tangible instrument of friendship which enriches the UNODC-UAE relations also. He praised the UAE’s increasingly active role in the region and around the World. He thanked Suhail Al Zarooni for the sparing time from his busy schedule and also for his warm hospitality.

Al Zarooni said that it’s my pleasure to extend our most cordial greetings and wishes to You for your gracious presence. .

Al Zarooni Called Upon Mr Cesar Guedes, Director, UNODC

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