Al Zarooni Called upon His Excellency Mr. Patrizio Fondi, EU Ambassador to the UAE…

Al Zarooni Called upon His Excellency Mr. Patrizio Fondi, EU Ambassador to the UAE…

His Excellency Suhail Mohd Al Zarooni, Guinness World Record Holder, Chairman Al Zarooni Foundation & the Emirati Entrepreneur Called upon His Excellency Patrizio Fondi, EU Ambassador to the UAE at his residence in Dubai. On this occasion, Al Zarooni hosted a courtesy welcome dinner in the honor of His Excellency Patrizio Fondi, EU Ambassador to the UAE.

The EU Ambassador to the UAE, His Excellency Patrizio Fondi, may have only spent a year or so in Abu Dhabi however he is keen to make the EU more known among people living in all the seven emirates, in particular the youth. Before appointed as Head of the EU Delegation to United Arab Emirates, His Excellency Patrizio Fondi was serving as the Italian Ambassador to Jordan and the Diplomatic Advisor to the Italian Minister of Cultural Heritage and Activities. He also served as Deputy Permanent Representative of Italy to UNESCO and BIE (Bureau International des Expositions) in Paris. Before that, He worked in Italian Diplomatic Missions in Tirana, New York (United Nations) and Stockholm.

His Excellency Patrizio Fondi, EU Ambassador to the UAE was welcomed by Suhail Al Zarooni at Zarooni Palace. During meeting with His Excellency Suhail Al Zarooni, the EU envoy shares his vision on fighting extremists, UK’s Brexit impact and his personal vision. He said that undoubtedly, the most relevant challenge is to maintain the present atmosphere of security and serenity in the country, in spite of the increasing turbulence’s of the region. It is a necessity to ensure the blossoming of tourism and investments, taking also into account the strong will to pursue the diversification of the economy. He added that the other important challenge, in his opinion, is to convince people to have a healthier lifestyle and to practice sports, to reduce diseases such as diabetes.

While discussing on the priorities in his role, as EU envoy to the UAE, He said that his task is to develop the relations between the EU and the UAE in all possible fields, in the common interest and with a view to forge a strong strategic partnership. Further they both discussed ways on further foster cooperation as well as on the current cooperation, and how the Both EU and UAE are working on the charter plans to enhance relations and also on business opportunities which is coming up on way by hosting Expo 2020.

Recently, UAE and EU are strengthening their ties in many areas, which will contribute towards strengthening bilateral relations among various countries of European Union, especially in economics and commerce. Furthermore, recently there was a noticeable development of tourism among UAE and EU Countries where UK, France, Germany and Italy are the favorite destinations. The signature of the Schengen visa-waiver agreement between the EU and the UAE last year was a landmark step in their relations.

The UAE is currently implementing various reforms and initiatives to reach zero dependency from oil revenues by 2050. It has brought in the forefront such domains as trade, transport and tourism. This visa waiver will facilitate contacts in the various fields mentioned and will further strengthen mutual understanding between our peoples. Therefore, it will give a further boost to the European & Emirati tourism industries and to the economies of both.

Such relationship reflects the commitment and willingness between the EU and UAE to move forward cooperation in various fields of mutual interest, both at bilateral and multilateral levels. His Excellency Patrizio Fondi said that meeting like this is a symbol and a tangible instrument of friendship which enriches the EU-UAE relations, He praised the UAE’s increasingly active role in the region and around the World. He thanked Al Zarooni for the invitation and also for his warm welcome. Many eminent locals and successful entrepreneurs from all the parts of businesses were also presented at this occasion.

Suhail Al Zarooni said that it’s my pleasure to extend our most cordial greetings and wishes to You for your gracious presence.

Al Zarooni Called Upon His Excellency Mr. Patrizio Fondi, EU Ambassador To The UAE

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